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Handprinted Fungi Forest 11" x 14" linocut - green ink edition

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The image was carved by hand onto a block of artists' linoleum and printed using oil-based green ink on 11"x14" 100% cotton paper.

Each image was printed by hand and therefore every print is unique and vary slightly from one another. For example, one print may appear more speckled or "salty" in areas where there was less ink or pressure applied in the printing process. Please see photos for reference!

The image came together as I thought back to hiking through wet forests in southcentral Alaska and started drawing species I remember seeing during those summers. The print includes morel, king bolete, amanita muscara, pink bonnet, shaggy mane, artist conk, angel wing, and aspen scaber-stalk mushrooms and British soldier, pixie cup, lungwort, and old man's beard lichens.