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Coreopsis Basalis blockprint and pressed flower print 8" x 10"

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"Coreopsis basalis" is the name of the flower this print is meant to depict and what was used to create the flower image in this print.

Before printing this 100% cotton paper was mordanted to retain plant pigments. The green leaves, stems, and buds are a hand carved blockprint printed with green water-based ink. The flowers images themselves were created by carefully hammering a real flower into the paper to transfer the pigment into the piece. Once dry the remaining petals were peeled away to reveal the image. See photos to note the incredible details that transfer (by magic) through this process and how each of these prints are completely unique.

This process was a whole lot of fun, I hope you enjoy having a Texas wildflower adorn your walls.

Please expect a color shift over time. The paper was mordanted in an effort to make sure the colors of the plant pigment hold as long as possible, but there is still a possibility of fading or color shifting over time. I am excited to see how well the prints hold up and how they change with the seasons, just like a real flower.