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Coreopsis & oak leaves + mustard checkers

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This one-of-a-kind bandana was carefully dyed by rolling dye materials into a mordanted cotton bandana and steaming the bundle to coax the colors out and onto the fabric. The result is an almost tie-dye-like color that is permanently fixed to the fabric. 

I then used my original blockprints to print my own pattern that compliments the colors achieved with the dye process.

This bandana was dyed with coreopsis flowers and oak leaves.

- Bandanas are approx. 22" squares and made with organic cotton

- This bandana features three serged edges and the selvage edge left intact (it is the side of fabric manufactured to not unravel) which gives the bandana even more unique character.

- Colors are permanent - all bandanas were washed with detergent after dyeing. Some fading may occur with time and even more with direct sun exposure. 

- Wash with cold water to prevent significant fading of the blockprinted design. Tumble dry low, iron on reverse as needed.